Red Racer Books brilliantly merges the electrifying world of Formula 1 racing with delightful stories kids can't resist.

Top Picks:

  1. ABCs of Racing: This isn't your usual ABC book. Across 34 pages, kids aged 3-8 discover the world of racing, letter by letter. And for those looking to add a bilingual twist? We’ve got a Spanish version too!

  2. All About Race Cars: Dive into the mechanics of the 2022 F1 race cars with 40 informative pages. With Red Racer and Roxy the Engineer guiding the journey, it's a captivating read for kids aged 5-10.

Why Dive Into Red Racer?

If you're keen to introduce your little ones to the world of Formula 1, Red Racer Books is your go-to. They’re more than just kids' books about cars; they're a thrilling adventure at every page turn!