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Welcome, racers and readers! Introducing a new kids' book series about the marvelous world of motorsports. Now you can share your love of racing, engineering, and reading with your family!

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Best Bilingual Baby Books

Sports fans will rejoice at this fun twist on the ABCs. While most alphabet books focus on tried and true classics like “A is for apple,” this cute version ups the ante by introducing concepts like STEM early with parallels such as “A is for aerodynamics.” Better still, this book is available in both English and Spanish. Both parents and children will love the vivid full-color illustrations and racing fans, in particular, will appreciate this ode to a popular sporting tradition.

Best Childrens Books about Race Cars Formula 1

These beautifully illustrated books are great for early readers who want to learn all about racing. ABCs of Racing offers short descriptions of key Formula 1 terms, like karting or understeer, to help kids grasp the concept being described. Along with Ren’s gorgeous illustrations, it’s a fairly entry-level read for kids interested in racing, something you could easily use to help young readers expand their vocabulary and make sense of complex racing terms like aerodynamics.

Just In Time For Miami's Grand Prix, Red Racer Books Presents The Ultimate Guide To Racing For Kids

Red Racer Books launches its first book in its latest children’s series, “ABCs of Racing: My First Guide to Formula 1 Racing,” serving as the ultimate guide to get your kids ready for Miami’s upcoming Grand Prix. Being introduced to the world of Formula 1 through the hit Netflix seriesDrive To Survive, Amendola immediately knew Red Racer Books would be an ideal way to introduce STEM concepts to kids.

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