Introducing Red Racer

About The Books

The first book, ABCs of Racing, teaches concepts about racing with Red Racer as your guide. Full of gorgeous illustrations, the pages are inspired by actual race tracks and racing situations around the world, to engage both kids and parents. This is not your typical ABC board book!

This is not your typical ABC board book!

- 34 vividly illustrated pages that follow the alphabet with detailed explanations for each new racing term!

- It's great for kids of many ages, particularly for 3-8 year olds.

- A great way to introduce basic concepts and terms around car racing to your kids, it's also incredibly fun for adults, too!

- Available in both English and Spanish versions, with over 10 different definitions and images across the two.

The Stats

Why We're Here

- F1 will hit 1 Billion fans in 2022 according to Nielsen ratings

- F1 fandom in the US is skyrocketing, with discussions to add a third Grand Prix (in addition to Austin and Miami) in Las Vegas.

- F1 Viewership is setting record numbers in the US based on ESPN ratings

- Netflixʼs "Drive to Survive" is a huge component of the growth and their 4th season is launching in March

- While F1 has a glut of content for adults, there is little to nothing for children or families.

- Major F1-related films are in the works with actors such as Brad Pitt, Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz.

"The part of racing that Iʼm most fascinated by is the science behind it all - the huge teams of engineers working on the physics, aerodynamics and cool tech - I thought Red Racer Books could be a great way to introduce STEM concepts to kids and get them excited about something new."

- Andy Amendola, Creator of Red Racer Books

Our Mission

Beyond Racing

Our mission is to give kids, in the US and beyond, a global perspective on sportsmanship, diversity, science and technology.

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