"My dream is for my grandchildren to grow up in a world where motorsports is as popular as other sports. The first step in achieving that vision is educating kids on how amazing racing is."

Children's Books That Explore the Magic of Motorsports

Welcome to the world of Red Racer Books, a small business dedicated to creating exceptional children's books on F1 Racing and Motorsport. Our books are a labor of love, and they are road-tested and reviewed by fellow fans, so you know they're truly made for fans, by fans.

Red Racer Books crafts premium F1 picture books designed with true fans in mind. Each page is artfully crafted to captivate children of all ages, creating delightful reading experiences that are both informative and visually stunning. These books are a tribute to the sport, made to be enjoyed by fans and their little ones alike.

Our books ignite curiosity beyond the race track, offering young readers a glimpse into the science and technology behind the thrilling world of racing. Red Racer Books encourages children to envision limitless possibilities, not just in motorsports but in any path they choose to pursue, fueled by the empowering knowledge of STEM.

We believe in championing greater representation in motorsports literature. Red Racer Books is committed to showcasing the diversity of the real world, ensuring every child can see themselves within the pages.Our aim is to inspire by showing a tapestry of characters and stories that resonate with and reflect our vibrant global community.

Red Racer Books offers more than stories about racing; we provide a medium for sharing your passion for F1 with your children. Our books are a conduit for connection, turning reading time into an opportunity
for families to bond over a shared love of the sport. It’s not just about the cars and the races; it’s about the moments and memories you create together as fans.

Mission Driven

Our Purpose

At Red Racer Books, our mission is to enlighten young readers with the multifaceted world of motorsports. Through vibrantly illustrated books, we strive to showcase diverse characters across various roles, underscoring the limitless opportunities beyond the driver's seat. By emphasizing science, technology, teamwork, and diversity, we aim to inspire dreams, ignite curiosity, and foster meaningful bond between parents and child, passing on their fandom. We believe that every child deserves to see the boundless paths they can pursue, and with each page turned, we hope to fuel their journey of discovery and shared passion.


A note from the Author

Hello! I'm Andy Amendola, the creator of Red Racer Books. My passion for motorsports, particularly F1, inspired me to start this venture.

As a parent of two young children, Blanca and Joaquin, I wanted to share my love for motorsports with them through bedtime reading.Red Racer Books aims to fill the gap of engaging books for young motorsports enthusiasts.

We offer fun and educational stories that not only entertain but also inspire kids to explore STEM fields and imagine themselves in various roles within motorsports.

As a self-published author and small business owner, I take pride in every aspect, from writing and developing the books to handling orders and engaging with online communities.

My dream for Red Racer Books is to ignite a global excitement for motorsports among kids and encourage a new generation of fans who can contribute to the racing world's growth.

🌍 Multilingual

Offering books in various languages to connect with our global community and inspire young minds worldwide.


Featuring diverse characters, ensuring every child sees themselves in our books.

🏆Fun for Adults

Made with the adult reader in mind - no zoning out!

👫Full Representation

Cars aren’t just for boys. We want to engage all genders.


Born from a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, our business continues to collaborate with the community in crafting new books.