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ABCs of INDYCAR® Racing: My First Guide to INDYCAR Racing Hardcover Kids Book

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    Introduce your young race fans to the exhilarating world of INDYCAR Racing and the legendary INDY 500 with the captivating new kids' hardcover picture book, "ABCs of INDYCAR Racing: My First Guide to INDYCAR® Racing," from Red Racer Books.

    With its vividly illustrated pages, each dedicated to a different letter, this book brings the thrill of INDYCAR Racing to life while teaching valuable lessons. For example, "M is for Milk" recalls the INDY 500 tradition of the winner drinking milk instead of champagne, "B is for Brickyard" introduces the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway racetrack, and "K is for Kiss the Bricks" shares a special victory tradition. Kids will also learn about STEM in racing with terms like "G is for G-forces," "W is for Wings," and "D is for Drafting." Plus, discover the people and teams behind the scenes with "E is for Engineers" and "S is for Safety Team."

    This isn't just any ABC book; it's a labor of love, meticulously crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality. At Red Racer Books, we take immense pride in producing premium children's picture books that elevate the reading experience for fans of all ages.

    Our 'ABCs of INDYCAR’ is a testament to our deep appreciation for racing enthusiasts and families. We've poured our passion into creating a high-quality, hardcover picture book designed to captivate young minds and made to last.

    We've carefully curated every detail to ensure a delightful reading experience that is both informative and visually stunning. The durable pages are designed to withstand the enthusiastic page-turning of little hands, making it a lasting tribute to the sport.

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    But "ABCs of INDYCAR® Racing" isn't just about education; it's an exciting adventure! It presents complex concepts and terminology in an easily digestible manner for children while also captivating both kids and adults with its mesmerizing visuals. Inspired by real racetracks, race cars, and thrilling racing scenarios from the past and present, the illustrations transport readers deep into the heart of the NTT INDYCAR SERIES.


    The Official INDYCAR Kids Book: A must have for INDYCAR Racing fans and families!

    Download a free scavenger hunt activity game that you can play while reading! 


    "The ABCs of INDYCAR Racing" is an Officially Licensed Product of INDYCAR, LLC, created with the permission of both INDYCAR and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It will be available to fans at races in 2024, including the 2024 Indy 500. Imagine sharing the excitement of the actual race while reading this book with your child!


    For Fans, By Fans: Racing Memories with Loved Ones


    Red Racer Books offers more than just books about racing; we provide a medium for sharing your passion for INDYCAR with your children. Our books serve as a bridge, turning reading time into an opportunity for families to bond over a shared love of the sport. It’s not just about the cars and the races; it’s about the moments and memories you create together as fans.

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    Empowerment Through STEM: Fueled by Knowledge


    Our books go beyond the racetrack, sparking curiosity about the science and technology behind the thrilling world of racing. Red Racer Books encourages children to envision limitless possibilities, not just as drivers but in any motorsports path they choose to pursue, fueled by the empowering knowledge of science, technology and engineering of racing.


    Inclusivity and Diversity: A Mirror to Our World


    We are dedicated to championing greater diversity in motorsports literature. Red Racer Books is committed to showcasing the real-world diversity, ensuring every boy and girl can see themselves within the pages. Our aim is to inspire by presenting a tapestry of characters and stories that resonate with and reflect our vibrant global audience and fan communities.

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    Vivid Illustrations: Sparking Curiosity and Conversations


    Explore 32 beautifully illustrated pages inspired by actual racetracks, race car liveries, and thrilling racing moments. Each letter comes with concise explanations that spark curiosity and conversations, making "ABCs of INDYCAR Racing" the perfect choice for children aged 4 to 8. It’s not just a book; it's a journey through the world of INDYCAR, where learning meets speed and excitement!


    Order your copy of "ABCs of INDYCAR Racing" today and embark on this thrilling adventure with your young race enthusiast. Start their engines and let the racing education begin!

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