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Bring F1 Magic Home To Your Kids with Red Racer Books and Waytoplay

Bring F1 Magic Home To Your Kids with Red Racer Books and Waytoplay

Bring F1 Magic Home To Your Kids With The Ultimate Racing Bundle And Then Zoom Into Zandvoort For The Dutch Grand Prix With Red Racer Books and Waytoplay!

Imagine the excitement on your kids' faces as they dive into the exciting world of Formula 1 racing, right from the comfort of your living room. The Ultimate Racing Bundle is about to revolutionize your family's quality time. If you love Formula 1 racing and cars and you have young kids at home, this set is the perfect gift for you.

Bring F1 Magic Home To Your Kids With The Ultimate Racing Bundle And Then Zoom Into Zandvoort For The Dutch Grand Prix


As we get ready to wrap up summer and head back to school, the Formula One racing world is also getting back from their own summer break and setting up for the first race of the back half of the season, the thrilling Dutch Grand Prix at the iconic Zandvoort Circuit. Red Racer Books and Waytoplay are teaming up to help young racing fans discover and engage with racing in a whole new way. Our collaboration and limited edition bundles combine the joy of reading and the power of creative play to spark the imagination of a new generation of racing families.

How You Can Experience F1 Magic At Home With Your Children:

Families that race together, stay together, I always like to say! Let’s discover how this bundle creates a unique bond among family members as they share their passion for racing!

Click to watch a video of it in action 


Ignite Curiosity and STEM education Through our Red Racer Books F1-Themed Kids Picture Books:

Introducing Red Racer Books – a gateway to the world of F1 made for kids. Dive into the world of Red Racer Books, where every page is a journey into the thrilling world of Formula 1. Find out why it's the perfect jumpstart for young racing enthusiasts.

Red Racer Books creates Children's Picture Books that transport young readers into the thrilling world of F1 racing and race cars. Our collection includes "ABCs of Racing, My First Guide to Formula 1 Racing," and "All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Cars."

Each book is thoughtfully crafted to combine captivating storytelling with engaging visuals, providing an immersive reading experience for children of all ages. My books not only entertain but also foster a love for STEM subjects, allowing young minds to explore the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an approachable and fun way. As a fan and an author, I am passionate about fueling children's curiosity, expanding their knowledge, and teaching them that anything is possible.

Your little ones will love the “ABCs of Racing: My First Guide to Formula 1™ Racing”, a premium hardcover book that is noordinary Alphabet book. It's a fun and exciting way to learn basic concepts about F1 racing. With gorgeous illustrations inspired by real-life race tracks and situations, your kids will be engaged and entertained while they learn.

My second book, "All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Cars," is another hit with junior racing fans! It’s jam-packed with 40 pages of fun STEM facts about F1 race cars, including vivid illustrations and photography of your favorite drivers. It's perfect for kids aged 5-10 and is sure to spark their curiosity and interest in this thrilling sport. Not only is "All About Race Cars" a great way to entertain and educate your little ones, but it's also a fantastic way to share your love of Formula 1 racing with them. So if you're a parent looking for a fun and educational gift for your kids, this book is a must-have.

Whether your child is an aspiring race car driver or simply fascinated by fast cars, Red Racer Books  make the perfect companions for exploration and learning.

Check Our Product: Custom Red Racer Canvas Gallery Wrap: Red Racer Background 18x24"


Unleash Imagination and Creative Play with Waytoplay's Circuit Zandvoort Track Set


Way to Play Flexible Toy Tracks

Meet  Waytoplay - a company born from a deep-rooted family passion for playing with toy cars under the sun and in the sand. Today, they've evolved into creators of flexible, waterproof, and virtually indestructible toy roads and race sets that children adore. What sets Waytoplay apart is the flexibility of their track segments, which

bend and curve in harmony with your child's ever-evolving ideas, allowing them to explore new terrains and invent innovative ways to play. Personally, as a parent, my kids are avid fans, and we've even taken these tracks on the road with us during beach vacations and summer getaways.

There is so many cool things you can do with these amazing toy tracks! If you want some inspo I recommend checking out the instagram page! 


Unbox the excitement with the Waytoplay Zandvoort race set.

And just in time for the Dutch Grand Prix, Waytoplay has introduced a special CM.com Circuit Zandvoort Race Track, developed in collaboration with the actual racing circuit, known as the CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, where the Grand Prix will thrill fans on August 27th, 2023! This remarkable race track set boasts 40 flexible road segments, enabling young racing enthusiasts to either recreate the iconic F1 Circuit Zandvoort or embark on the thrilling journey of inventing their very own racetrack.


Waytoplay products are exceptional due to their flexibility, durability, and waterproof nature. They offer a diverse range of roads, allowing your children to seamlessly integrate them into their existing collection of toy cars and trucks right in the comfort of your home. During our recent beach vacation, we didn't hesitate to bring these tracks along because of their waterproof, soft, and easy-to-assemble design.

CM Circuit Zandvoort race track toys for kids waytoplay

The set even comes with a kit to construct your very own Grand Prix racing circuit, empowering children to let their imaginations run wild as they design tracks and engage in creative and imaginative play. These qualities are not only a source of endless entertainment but also play a pivotal role in nurturing children's development and growth.

So, get ready to fuel your child's passion for racing, ignite their creativity, and embark on an adventure that combines the thrill of the Dutch Grand Prix with the boundless possibilities of Waytoplay's Circuit Zandvoort Track Set.


Unbox The Ultimate Racing Bundle: From Pages to Tracks


The Red Racer Books and Waytoplay bundles allow your family to read, create, and race together:


Featured Bundles:

Grand Prix Bundle

Grand Prix Limited Edition F1 Book and Tracks Bundle for $85 USD including shipping ($20 discount – retails for $105)


- 1 ABCs of Racing Hardcover Book from Red Racer Books

- 1 Grand Prix specialty racing set from Way to Play Toys – 24 sections of track





Zandvoort F1 Circuit Premium Books and Track Bundle for $145 USD including shipping ($35 discount – retails for $180)


- 1 ABCs of Racing Hardcover Book from Red Racer Books

- 1 All about Race Cars Paperback Book from Red Racer Books

- 1 F1 Circuit Zandvoort specialty racing set from Way to Play Toys – 40 sections of track




And don’t forget to tune in to the Dutch Grand Prix on August 27, 2003.

Illustration of Zandvoort from red racer books

World Champion race car driver Max Verstappen who races for the Netherlands will be trying to win his home race for a third time in a row! That’s right, he won in 2021 and 2022 and is looking ready to take

another victory in what has been a record-breaking season for the Red Bull Racing team. The Dutch Grand Prix takes place over 72 laps at the CM.com Circuit Zandvoort in the seaside resort town just a couple of hours outside of Amsterdam. Personally, I’m very excited that the F1 summer break is over, and we will be getting back to racing!


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