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Why I started Red Racer Books

Why I started Red Racer Books

Formula 1 racing has taken the US by storm. And our family got swept up. We became fanatics after watching the Netflix series, Drive to Survive and the epic 2021 season. And our kids loved it too.  

When we started looking for kids book about F1 to fuel that passion, we realized there wasn’t much out there. So I did something crazy,  and created my own. 

Introducing Red Racer Presents the ABCs of racing, my first guide to Formula 1 racing, written by me, Andy Amendola.

 I'm a father and a bit of an F1 fan, if you couldn’t tell.  And now I'm the creator of Red Racer Books, a whole new kids book series.  When I started developing this idea, there were some things I wanted to include to make this book special. 


Sometimes when I’m reading with my kids, I catch my mind drifting off even though I'm still reading the words out loud.  I call that the Zone Out effect.  

So it was really important to me that this book be engaging for both kids and parents. 

I was fortunate to find an amazing illustrator,  Wei Ren, who brought my vision to life with gorgeous illustrations of the cars and tracks that make racing awesome.  

Many of the illustrations are inspired by actual race tracks and racing situations.  And each letter introduces a new racing concept to learn. 


So the part of racing that I’m most fascinated with is the science behind it all - there’s just so much more than meets the eye.  The huge teams of engineers working on the physics, aerodynamics and cool technology in these cars all to make them perform to the limit.  

So I thought red racer books could be a great way to introduce STEM concepts to kids and get them excited about something new. 


Racing is a truly international sport. So we knew right from the beginning that we wanted this book to be available in many languages,  but we are starting with the two I know best, English and Spanish. 

And what is really cool, is that the English and Spanish books ended up being very different (each have about 10 different descriptions and illustrations) So if you order both you will get even more out if. 


. That’s why we introduce Roxy the Engineer in this first book but you will see a lot more of her in books to come. 


Another thing I love about becoming an F1 Fan is the community around it.  We’ve loved meeting other F1 families and are excited to grow our own red racer community beyond the books. Join us on social media because we want to hear your feedback and what your kids want to learn more about for future books. 

Whether you're a racing fan or not, the A,B,C of racing is filled with beautiful illustrations and fun concepts to teach your children. We hope you’ll check out our books! Thank you for reading!

We are not affiliated with F1. We are just really huge fans and want to get more people into the sport!  F1, FORMULA 1, and FORMULA ONE are registered trademarks of Formula One Licensing B.V.

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