01. General FAQ

What is Red Racer Books?

Red Racer Books specializes in creating children's books centered around motorsports and Formula 1 racing. Our founder, Andy Amendola, is passionate about introducing young children to the world of racing while exploring related concepts such as science, technology, diversity, and teamwork.

Who is part of the Red Racer Books Team? 

Currently Red Racer Books is managed by Andy Amendola, the author and creator of the book series. He is self-published and this is a small business. If you want to connect with Andy, reach out via email to Hello@RedRacerBooks.com 

What is the mission of Red Racer Books? 

Our mission is to excite and inspire young readers with the multifaceted world of motorsports. Through vibrantly illustrated books, we aim to showcase diverse characters, underscore STEM education, and foster meaningful bonds between parents and children while passing on their love for F1 and racing.

What age group are Red Racer Books designed for?

Red Racer Books are tailored for children aged 1-10, offering non-fiction fact books that empower parents to bond with their children over their shared passion for Formula 1 and motorsports. The ABCs books are great for ages 0-6 and the “Cars” books are more suitable for kids 5-8. 

What sets Red Racer Books apart from other children's books?

Red Racer Books are artfully crafted for young fans, by fans, and are inspired by real-world racing scenarios, iconic tracks, and racing legends. They feature vivid illustrations and striking imagery, making the world of F1 racing come alive for children.

How do Red Racer Books promote STEM education?

We champion STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education by highlighting the science and technology behind race cars and racing. Our books inspire children to explore these concepts, fostering a love for learning and innovation.

How does Red Racer Books promote diversity and inclusivity?

Red Racer Books showcase a diverse world of motorsports, featuring characters from various genders and backgrounds in roles beyond just the driver. We believe in reflecting the richness of our global community and inspiring dreams without barriers.

How can Red Racer Books help parents and children connect?

Red Racer Books bridge the gap between generations by allowing parents to share their love for F1 racing with their children. Our books facilitate bonding, ignite curiosity, and provide opportunities for meaningful discussions.

Where can I buy Red Racer Books?

You can find Red Racer Books on our official website, redracerbooks.com. They are also available through select independent bookstores and also on Amazon.

Can I get more information about specific book titles and their content?

Absolutely! You can find detailed information about each book title, including descriptions and educational content, on our website.

How can I stay updated on new releases and promotions from Red Racer Books?

To stay updated, please subscribe to our newsletter on our website, follow us on social media, or visit our blog for the latest news, releases, and promotions.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us through our website, email, or social media channels. We're here to help and share the joy of motorsports with you and your child!