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Introducing our exclusive "ABCs of Racing" book bundle - perfect for bilingual readers or anyone looking to learn a second language!

Our English version features Red Racer and Roxy the engineer as your guides, teaching kids about racing through gorgeous illustrations inspired by real tracks and situations around the world. With 34 vividly illustrated pages following the alphabet, each new racing term comes with detailed explanations, making it great for kids aged 3-8. Plus, parents can have fun learning about car racing concepts and terms too!

But that's not all - our bundle also includes "ABC de Carreras," the Spanish version of the book, featuring 10 unique illustrations and racing terms distinct from the English version. It's a perfect way to introduce your child to a new language or help them improve their Spanish skills while learning about car racing.

This bundle is not only educational and fun for kids, but also great for parents looking to teach their kids a second language. Don't miss out on this amazing deal - grab your "ABCs of Racing" bundle today and give your child a fun and interactive learning experience!