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F1 Corner Names, FREE Kids' Scavenger Hunt game, and More - Red Racer Books Newsletter October 2023

F1 Corner Names, FREE Kids' Scavenger Hunt game, and More - Red Racer Books Newsletter October 2023

🏎️ Competition: It's in Our Nature!

Recently, while reading a NASCAR book, I stumbled upon the quote above. It instantly made me chuckle and think of my own kids. It reminded me how deeply racing connects with our human nature, and how from a very young age, kids will turn everything into a competition! More on our racing adventure below.


NEW Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids! FREE



Building on the popularity from the scavenger hunt game I created for my INDYCAR ABC Beta-Testing kit (a huge shout-out to all the fantastic Junior Test Drivers!), I've crafted a brand-new scavenger hunt game. This little side quest is designed to pair with the “ABCs of Racing - My 1st Guide to F1 Racing.” If you already have your copy of the book, just click here to download a printable PDF of the game. Just print and play!


Grid Walk Podcast Show

Talking F1 Classic Corner Names with the Grid Walk Show this week!

I had a blast joining Briana and Nicole on their fantastic “Grid Walk” podcast this week! They invited me to join their “Podium” segment, where I got to put my unique twist on things. For my part, I ranked top F1 circuits with the most iconic corner names. Monza's Parabolica & Curva Grande, Silverstone's sequence of Maggots, Becketts, Chapel, and of course, Monaco's myriad turns like the Swimming Pool, Rascasse, and the Hairpin, are all in the mix. Curious about who topped my list? You'll need to tune into the show to find out!

This episode isn't just about the corners, though. It's packed with recaps from the US Grand Prix (still bummed I missed it) and a lookahead to the action at the Mexico City Grand Prix this weekend, along with other entertaining racing chit-chat. Links below…

Gridwalk Apple Pod 

Grid Walk on Spotify

Grid Walk on Google pod 

Grid Walk RSS


Family Fun: Our 1st NASCAR Adventure!

While I wasn’t able to attend the US Grand Prix in Austin, an exciting alternative popped up closer to home here in Miami. Last weekend, I took my kids to our first NASCAR race at nearby Homestead! Anyone who's been to a Formula 1 race knows it's not the most wallet-friendly outing, especially with kids in tow. However, I was impressed to discover that NASCAR not only offers a dedicated "Kids Zone" at every event but also offers incredibly affordable kids’ tickets — just $10 each for children under 12! We snagged fantastic seats and geared up for the experience. Admittedly, the roaring engines on the oval track make for a near-constant rumble, but a decent pair of headphones easily solved that. So for families in the USA, a NASCAR race is a fantastic and accessible way to dive into the exhilarating world of motorsports.


📚 Special Offer in Honor of the US Grand Prix: Save $5 with Code COTA!

Though I missed being in Austin for the US Grand Prix this year, that very race was my catalyst for starting Red Racer Books. To celebrate the event that started it all, I'm excited to offer a special deal: use the code COTA for a $5 discount on your next purchase. Whether you're expanding your collection or getting a head start on holiday gift-giving, it's the perfect time to bring more of the racing world into your library!

🚩 Race Week: VIVA MEXICO! 🇲🇽


Did You Know?

The fastest official speed in an F1 race was clocked by Valtteri Bottas at the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix. Behind the wheel for Williams, he hit a staggering 372.5 km/h (231.46 mph)! The secret? Location, location, location! Racing at the highest altitude circuit means thinner air and less drag, paving the way for record-breaking speeds.

Will this weekend see a new record?



Thanks for reading my newsletter.

Happy Race Weekend!

Andy Amendola

Founder and Creator, Red Racer Books

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