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Looking for the ultimate holiday gift for the young racing enthusiast in your life? Look no further than "All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Cars"!

Looking for the ultimate holiday gift for the young racing enthusiast in your life? Look no further than "All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Cars"!

Introducing "All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Cars," the perfect book for your little ones who love everything about fast cars and high-speed racing. This premium hardcover book is jam-packed with 40 pages of fun STEM facts about F1 cars, including vivid illustrations and photography of your favorite drivers.

Not only is this book great for kids aged 5-10, it's also a fantastic way to introduce them to the exciting world of Formula 1 racing. Whether they're already big fans or just starting to learn about this thrilling sport, "All About Race Cars" has something for everyone.

The book is beautifully illustrated, includes photography of your favorite drivers and offers descriptions of all the key components of modern Formula 1 race cars. 

With a focus on STEM concepts as they apply to racing, "All About Race Cars" is not only a fun way to get kids interested in science and technology, but also a great educational tool.

The book was recently featured on Jalopnik, a popular website that covers a wide range of topics related to cars, including news and opinions about the automotive industry, racing, transportation, airplanes, technology, and motorcycles. Here's what distinguished motorsports journalist Elizabeth Blackstock had to say about the book....

Two Great Children's Books to Introduce Kids to Formula 1 These beautifully illustrated books are great for early readers who want to learn all about racing.

All About Race Cars is a little more advanced. I’d offer this book to a kid who already has a strong vocabulary and who’s interested in some of the more challenging racing terms. Here, Amendola dives into everything from safety equipment like HANS devices and halos to the different tire compounds available during a race weekend.

If you’re looking to impress with a kid’s gift, look no further.

"All About Race Cars: A Guide to Formula 1 Race Cars" is a book that covers all the key components of F1 race cars, including the engines that power them, the wings that help them achieve high speeds, and the aerodynamics that allow them to slice through the air with ease.

Kids will learn about the principles of aerodynamic grip and ground effect, as well as the importance of mechanical grip and the role of wheels and tires in a race car's performance. They'll also discover the importance of brakes and fuel in keeping a race car running smoothly, as well as the safety measures that are in place to protect drivers and teams.

But that's not all! "2022 Formula 1 Race Cars" also includes a link to free coloring book printouts, a glossary of terms for young and old racing fans, and a quiz at the end to test your knowledge. This 8x10 inch hardcover kids book is perfect for children aged 5-10, and is great for both read alouds and self-reading. Written by Andy Amendola and illustrated by Wei Ren.

Get ready to rev up your child's love of racing with "2022 Formula 1 Race Cars"! In this exciting 40 page book, kids can join Red Racer and Roxy the Engineer as they explore the ins and outs of these amazing vehicles. 


So if you want to give your kids the gift of knowledge and excitement, order "All About Race Cars" today! Your little ones (and you) will thank you. 

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