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Red Racer Books Holiday Giving Guide 2023

Red Racer Books Holiday Giving Guide 2023

Charities to Support on Giving Tuesday and this Festive Season

Click here to download a PDF version with links to all charities and organizations.

Hello, friends and fellow race fans!  Andy Amendola here from Red Racer Books. What began as sharing my love for motorsports with my kids has turned into something bigger – a series of books introducing kids to the exciting world of Formula 1 and soon, IndyCar in 2024. But it's not all about speed and cars; we're all about sparking a love for STEM and showing the diverse opportunities in motorsports.

This holiday season, I'm tapping into that same spirit by sharing some incredible charities and organizations that align with the values at Red Racer Books. Over the past few years, through my journey with Red Racer Books, I've had the privilege of coming across several charities that are doing some truly remarkable work.  These are organizations, each making a significant impact in areas I care deeply about – from children's education to diversity and empowerment.

This year, I thought, why not share these discoveries with you? So, I've put together a list of charities that I believe you, as a part of the racing community, would appreciate knowing about and maybe even supporting. 

Now, just a quick note: the world is brimming with worthy causes and people in need, and this list is by no means exhaustive. These are just some that have caught my attention and align with my values – empowerment, equality, diversity, and making a positive impact for young children. 


These charities have each something special – whether tied to racing or focused on helping kids in other ways. While I'm not officially linked to them, I'm a big fan and have supported many of them. If any of these causes strike a chord with you, feel free to explore more on their websites.

Also, I'd love to keep updating this list as we go through the holiday season. So, if you have other charities worth highlighting here please send them my way.  And if you don't find something that speaks to you right away, do check back later.

Wishing you all a heartwarming holiday season filled with the spirit of giving! From Andy Amendola + Red Racer Books


 Racing for Kids

Racing for Kids 🇺🇸  Racingforkids.org

Racing for Kids is a unique US charity founded in Detroit, that brings the thrill of motorsports to children when they are most vulnerable – during hospitalization. At the core of their program are the heartwarming hospital visits made by actual INDYCAR drivers. These visits bring a spark of joy to children in hospitals across the racing circuit. The drivers spend quality time with each child, sharing stories about their sport, taking photos, signing autographs, and distributing special items, coloring books, and other gifts provided by sponsors. Since its inception, Racing for Kids has made a profound impact with over 750 hospital visits!

Fundación Checo Pérez

Fundación Checo Pérez 🇲🇽  Fundacionchecoperez.com

The Checo Pérez Foundation is a beacon of hope and support for vulnerable children in Mexico. The Checo Pérez Foundation's holistic approach to supporting children in various aspects of their lives makes it a remarkable and impactful organization, truly contributing to the well-being and development of children in Mexico. They have a variety of projects to support and empower kids and here are just a few of my faves: Building Toy Libraries and Play Centers, Christmas Posada Toy Drive, Finding Talent for future careers and Building homes for families affected by natural disasters. 

 We Need Diverse Books

We Need Diverse Books 🇺🇸  DiverseBooks.org

We Need Diverse Books passionately advocates for changes in the publishing industry to celebrate diversity in literature. Their mission resonates deeply with me, as they work to produce literature that reflects the lives of all young people. Committed to featuring diverse characters, they ensure that readers from all backgrounds see themselves in these stories. Their vision is a literary world where every person finds representation, including a wide spectrum of diversity. With impactful initiatives, they've notably amplified BIPOC voices in literature, redefining inclusivity in the world of books.

 Driven by Diversity 🇬🇧 drivenbydiversity.org

Driven by Diversity 🇬🇧  DrivenByDiversity.org

At Driven By Diversity, the mission is clear: to educate and transform the motorsports industry into a space where diversity and inclusion are not just accepted but celebrated. They're tackling the lack of diversity head-on, offering educational resources and support. Their aim? A motorsport community where everyone, no matter their background, can find their spot and shine, whether it's in PR, mechanics, or beyond.

PRUEKids Fundraiser

PRUEKids Fundraiser 🇺🇸 Pruekids.org


A fantastic cause I discovered via the Marshall Pruett podcast, led by Cassie aka @mama_gforce. The #PRUEKids Fundraiser, initiated in 2021 by the PRUEDay group, unites the INDYCAR racing community for a noble cause.  This fundraiser supports children during the holidays by fulfilling their wish lists. It's a fantastic way to make a child's festive season brighter.

Edu Exito Foundation

Edu Exito Foundation 🇩🇴 Eduexitord.com

EduExito is based in the Dominican Republic and carries a vision of a world where every student has access to the necessary resources to succeed in school, particularly in rural towns that are more isolated and lack resources.   What I love about their programs is the hands-on nature of their work; by personally delivering school supplies like notebooks, pencils, and backpacks, EduExito makes a direct impact on the lives of children and families in need. Looking ahead, they aim to establish an after-school homework center equipped with computers and internet, staffed by community volunteers, to further support students' educational journey.  I’m proud to have been able to make a small contribution to these efforts by donating books that were delivered in backpacks directly to students. 


Read Your World 🇺🇸 Multiculturalchildrensbookday.com

Read Your World 🇺🇸  Multiculturalchildrensbookday.com

Read Your World is a non-profit dedicated to making a difference through children's literature. They focus on raising awareness and increasing access to books that celebrate diversity, a crucial effort in times of increasing book challenges and bans. Their initiatives include donating books, providing resourceful book lists and kits to educators and parents, and highlighting authors through live interviews. Celebrating diversity in literature both online and offline, they've made a significant impact, donating over 10,800 books globally to promote inclusive stories in children’s and young adult literature. Join the conversation and support this initiative using the hashtag #ReadYourWorld.

Driven By Us 🇬🇧 Drivenbyus.co.uk 

Driven By Us 🇬🇧 Drivenbyus.co.uk

Driven By Us in the UK is all about empowering future leaders in motorsports, focusing on underrepresented groups. What really aligns with Red Racer Books is their commitment to making STEM and media roles in motorsport accessible to everyone. Founded by James Dornor, George Imafidon MBE, and Jahee Campbell-Brennan, they also have a stellar advisory board including Dr. Nike Folayan MBE, Naomi Schiff, Stephanie Travers, and Andrew Ducile. The team is dedicated to educating the next generation, conducting school visits and workshops to showcase motorsport careers to young people of all backgrounds.


Mission 44🇬🇧 https://mission44.org

Mission 44 🇬🇧 Mission44.org

Influenced by Sir Lewis Hamilton, who's been a huge inspiration to me and to Red Racer Books, Mission 44 is his charitable foundation focused on empowering youth from underserved communities. It reflects Hamilton's challenges in education and his unique motorsports journey. The foundation's aim to create an inclusive future resonates with us at Red Racer Books. Mission 44 enhances education, opens up STEM and motorsport career opportunities, and empowers young people to be changemakers, echoing Hamilton's inspiring path, symbolized by his racing number '44'.


Each charity highlighted has its own special way of making a positive impact.

From enriching children's education and health to embracing diversity and merging racing excitement with giving back, they each play a unique role. If you're interested, take a moment to explore their websites and see the different ways they're contributing to our world.

As the holiday season rolls in, it's a great time to think about these causes. If you feel a connection to any of them, your support could mean a lot.

Happy Holidays and Happy Giving from Andy Amendola and Red Racer Books!

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